Rebate Processing Services

CheckIssuing Rebate Check Processing Service.

A leading company in the check fulfillment and the payout industry, offers manufacturers and retailers a cost-effective solution for increasing sales and volume, while creating and maintaining competitive pricing and allowing you to react quickly to a fast-moving, competitive environment.

Using rebates offers many advantages: it stimulates sales by offering your customers the benefit of a temporary discount on an item, it offers an incentive to collect valuable consumer information to know your customers better, and price protecting certain products while still encouraging movement with your other products.

By allowing a third party company to process your rebates as your rebate partner, you will enjoy fast, intelligent and secure rebate processing, as well as fast response times and fanatical customer support. We offer a secure direct connection to our database through our API so you can enjoy timely, relevant, and branded communications with your customers along with a reliable partnership based on trust and successful strategies.

CheckIssuing rebate solutions allows you to be more customer-focused, cost-efficient, flexible, and responsive in today’s marketplace.

At CheckIssuing, we make your payments simple and help you grow your business by ensuring you offer a full range of payment options to your business partners.

Still not convinced?

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